Python script, converts Cisco CDP output to csv output

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2020)

Download python script here: cdp2csv_stdout

# This script takes the output of Cisco's "show cdp neighbors" and
# converts it to a csv formatted output.
# Usage:
# This script assumes the devices name is located in the first part of
# the filename. i.e. [device_name].[fqdn].[extension]
# There are two parts to this script;
# 1) Load the cdp_nei file and parse through it.
# Sometimes data is split in two lines, sometimes it's all on one.
# So we loop through the file, find what we think is valuable, and
# put all data for one neighbor on a single line.
# 2) Loop through the lines of data, pull out the individual parts of
# data elements, print in csv format.

$ -h
usage: [-h] [-c] [-n LOCAL_DEV_NAME] [-dv DEBUG_LEVEL] filename

This script converts the results of 'show cdp neighbor' and turns it into csv
output. CSV data is sent to stdout, so redirect or pipe as needed.

positional arguments:
filename The name of the file which contains the output of 'show
cdp neighbor'

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-c Seperate data elements by a comma (',') rather than a
tab. Tab is default.
-n LOCAL_DEV_NAME Set the local hostname. If this flag is NOT set we assume
the first part of the filename is the local node name.
-dv DEBUG_LEVEL Turn on debug verbosity level. '0' is off (default). This
will invalidate the CSV output structure, but is useful
for troubleshooting.

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