Theater and Stage

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Reference information for the technical side of theater performance.

The Compass Auditorium service information is here.

Some information is still on the old site, which is slowly being dismantled.

Theater Information

Lighting Consoles

Hog - High End Systems / Barco

  • Hog4PC main product vendor page
  • Hog4PC User Manual 3.2 – hog-h4-manual-3-2-0 [pdf]
  • Hog4PC User Manual 3.0 – hog-h4-manual-3-0-0-en [pdf]
  • Hog4PC User Manual 2.4 – hog-h4-manual-2-4-0 [pdf]
  • Hog4PC User Manual 1.2 – hog-h4-manual-1-2-0-en [pdf]
  • Nano Hog (control surface)

In use at:

ION - ETC / Electronic Theater Controls

Including all ION based systems

  • ETC EOS Ion product series vendor page
  • Element Lighting Control Console v 2.1.0 user manual – etc-element_v2-1-0_user_manual_reva [pdf]
  • ETC EOS Element product series [link]
  • ETC Smart product series [link]
  • ETC Express technical support (legacy product) [link]
  • Express 24/48, 48/96, 72/144 Lighting control system v 3.03 user manual [pdf]
  • ETC Expression technical support (legacy product) [link]
  • Obsession Lighting control system v 2.4 user manual [pdf]
  • ETC Obsession 2 technical support (legacy product) [link]

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting and Color theory

Video and effects

Front of House / Audio


Theater show control

  • QLab – Live show control. (Mac OSX, $)
  • MultiPlay – Windows based program designed to play audio cues for theater or corporate use. It is free to use in both amateur and commercial environments. (Windows, free)

Worship presentation software

Theater reference for your smartphone

  • AV Tools – Android (DMX addressing, color mixing)

Video Editing

  • Magix - Video, photo and audio editing
  • Cinelerra – Quite possibly the most powerful video editing software out there. Free. Linux based only.
  • Blender 3D

Audio Editing

  • Audacity

Photo Editing

  • GIMP
  • Inkscape
  • PhotoShop